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California Small Claims Assessment Guide
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Small Claims is harder than it looks - don't go it alone!
What this guide will teach you:
This guide is meant to provide you a quick way to assess the health of your California small claims case. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but we wanted to share with you our five key questions for a case assessment.
The 5 Most Questions:
  • Is there an actionable claim?
  • Can you still bring the claim?
  • Where can you bring the claim?
  • What is the chances you'll win on the claim?
  • How hard will it be to get your money?
Small Claims Assessment Guide
The Small Claims Lawyer provides a team that can support you through California's small claims process.
About The Author
Brian D. Russ
Brian D. Russ, Esq., is known as “The Small Claims Lawyer” because he is one of the few lawyers in California that dedicates part of his practice to small claims cases.

Brian has helped many clients with small claims cases in California, and has had many successful results for his clients. Some of Brian’s highlights include a $9,000+ judgment for property damage from a car accident, and confidentially settling many cases before they ever reach court.
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    Ricardo P.
  • The bond company paid me back 100% of what I had given the contractor. Brian proved himself to be extremely knowledgeable about dealing with contractors.
    Larry M.
  • Brian Russ is a great attorney. Brian worked through a consumer protection lawsuit with me and scored me a victory.
  • Definitely would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good attorney. 
    Raahim F.
  •  I would highly recommend Brian Russ, because without him, our case would not have been resolved.
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